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Around the World of Innovation in 24 Hours!

These are unusual times for everyone but this is also a time when innovation is more important than ever! The ISPIM Connects Global Conference will be a celebration of innovation and will feature success stories and insights from global regions as we move around the world through 24 hours.
Join us on our virtual journey around the world on 7-8 December 2020, starting in Japan and ending in Australia. Of course, we do not expect you to stay up for a full day, unless you really want to. Although the content will be broadcast live, we will recording the event so you won't miss anything!
24 hours of thought-provoking innovation discussions
21 different regions covered from 5 continents
60+ speakers, interviewers, hosts, and panel members
100+ presentations with insights from industry and research

~ Main Stage ~

7 to 8 December


~ Workshops & SIG Sessions ~

7 December

Innovation Leadership Session
Innovation Leadership in 2020 and beyond
Innovation Leadership across cultures
Inventive Problem-Solving with TRIZ
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~ Pre-Conference Events ~

6 December

Junior Researcher Lab
Solve The Mystery Challenge
Hosted Tables
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